About Us

Foundation date: November 2018

    • Description: WeRC is a community dedicated to simracing and motorsport videogames. Since its creation, this community has held the some of the most competitive championships worldwide in DiRT scene (DiRT Rally, DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally 2.0). The first season, 2018, has been closed by DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally but in the future new options will be available inside this simracing community such as Assetto Corsa, Richard Burns Rally, F1 or WRC to carry out several championships. Within the DiRT scene, we organize championships in both disciplines Rally and RallyCross (RX) .

      In addition, we have a drivers academy and team (WERT – World eRacing Team) in order to share our knowledge to new drivers who want to become champions and we are focused on teamwork. We have drivers of all levels willing to help and share their knowledge.

    • History: After acting as a participant in other community championships and not being satisfied with the organisation, DamianGC decided to write a new championship rulebook which got the attention of a few friends who supported the idea and that eventually became a reality. Starting a project from scratch which was very complicated with the first week without any sign-up, everything changed and in a few days the most important drivers worldwide had already joined our championships. At the same time, many other drivers arrived, all of them very important, who have made this community grow exponentially.

    • Organising Team:

      • Damian García Castro – Owner of WERC
      • J.R. García – Social Media
      • Jose Ramón Varela – Web
      • Jonathan Schaeffer – Software & French translation
      • Braian García – 3D Design and video edition
      • Mikolaj (TUS Conspiracy) – 3D Design and video edition
      • Ludvig (Veloce_Primero) – F1 Coordinator
      • John Harris (Veloce_Iza) – Collaborator
      • XXXXX – Staff