II WERBR Championship


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1 – Register in our website.
2 – If you are already registered, log in Log In/Out. Fill the Sign-Up form of the championship in Inscription
3 – Join our Discord server is mandatory. Get your RBR role to have access to all information.
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Important dates Open Date/Time (UTC) Close Date/Time (UTC)
Sign-Up 09/03/2021 – 00:00 04/04/2021 – 23:59
Publication list of participants 05/04/2021
Event Open Date/Time (UTC) Close Date/Time (UTC)
Rally Serras de Fafe 08/04/2021 – 00:00 13/04/2021 – 23:59
Azores Rally 22/04/2021 – 00:00 27/04/2021 – 23:59
Rally Islas Canarias 06/05/2021 – 00:00 11/05/2021 – 23:59
Rally Poland 20/05/2021 – 00:00 25/05/2021 – 23:59
Rally Latvia 03/06/2021 – 00:00 08/06/2021 – 23:59
Rally di Roma Capitale 17/06/2021 – 00:00 22/06/2021 – 23:59
Barum Czech Rally 01/07/2021 – 00:00 06/07/2021 – 23:59
Rally Hungary 15/07/2021 – 00:00 20/07/2021 – 23:59

Winners of the series might be promoted to a better category/division for the main season and invited to WERC Race Of Champions (WEROC).

General Information

***All this info can be find in the Rulebook of the championship.

All links on WERC Discord : Rally events, plates, etc. WERBR section. In order to be allowed to see all Discord information you have to get your RBR role.

WERBR Championship consists in:
– 8 rallies of 2 legs and with a maximum of 14 stages per rally.
– Power Stage is the final stage of the rally.
– 5 categories / divisions: WRC 1.6 [WERB 1], WRC 2.0 & R5 [WERB 2], N4/R4 [WERB P], R2 [WERB R].
– Every round will be opened for 6 days (starting Thursdays at 00:00h and finishing at 23:59h UTC on Tuesdays).
– Standings available in WERC website 7 days after the end of every rally.
– Password for each rally on RBRCZ website will be published to #werbr-information channel only on WERC Discord.

Stages conditions over several days with varying weather conditions.

At the end of the championship, the organisation will remove the worst 2 results of each driver, one of gravel and one of tarmac.

Team Championship

WERBR Team Championship allows the registration of official teams.

Team Requirements

The following are the rules which all teams have to follow:

Article 1.6.1Minimum number of members of the team is 1 driver. Maximum number of 3 drivers within each division.

Article 1.6.2 – All drivers of the same team must choose the same car within the same division. Drivers cannot transfer between new or affiliated teams during the championship.

Article 1.6.3 – Only the first 2 drivers of a team in each rally will get points for the WERBR Team Championships.

Annex 1: Shortcuts and cutting corners

Drivers have to send us their videos of 1 stage after every rally, the stage will remain secret until the event is over. Then, organizers’ post on WERC Discord will reveal it. The videos can be sent by a link to any platform (for example, Youtube, Twitch, etc) in the specific channel of our WERC Discord. However, WERC recommends that in addition to the above-mentioned, all drivers submit the replays to RBRCZ website and rally section.

Video is mandatory if you finish in Top 3 of your division. If the video has not been sent the driver will have a penalty. Drivers could record them at speed x10 and any camera angle using replay mode or stream the event.

Stage’s videos have to be sent after the end of the rally, i.e, from Wednesdays at 12:00pm UTC to Fridays at 11:59am UTC.

2 wheels must be inside track limits all the time. If a driver makes a mistake and cut unwittingly, they must slow down and brake to compensate the time they have gained illegally. So that stewards will take that into account.