General Information

The Warm-Up Rally Championship to DiRT 2.0 by WeRC will last 6 rallies, with 8 stages each one. Every round will be opened for almost two weeks (00:00 Monday – 22:00 Sunday) which gives all drivers enough time to finish the event. Once the event has finished, the standings will be available in the club page and it will be published in the website of the WeRC. It is a multi-platform championship (PS4, PC and XB1).

Rally Location Starting Date/Time (GMT) Finish Date/Time (GMT)
Finland 10/12/2018 23/12/2018
Germany 24/12/2018 06/01/2019
Greece 07/01/2019 20/01/2019
Monaco 21/01/2019 03/02/2019
Sweden 04/02/2019 10/02/2019
Wales 11/02/2019 17/02/2019