The test will be done before the start of the championship and will consist of 6 short events, one per available country, with 1 stage open to set your  times on the dates indicated as important dates. The mandatory car for the test will be the Volkswagen Polo Rally.

The stage of each rally will be very short and 2 attempts will be made in that stage. The general classification will not be taken into account. ONLY the best time recorded in those attempts will be taken into account. Finally, the time of the best section of each one of the 6 test events will be added, to create the final classification. This final classification will be used by the organisation to establish the teams explained in section 1.3.2.

**As well as for the main championship, drivers can use their own setup.

Test period has already started!!! See our calendar:

Rally Location Starting Date/Time (GMT) Finish Date/Time (GMT)
All Locations 03/12/2018 09/12/2018