World eRally Historic Championship

General Information

***All this info can be find in the Rulebook of the championship.

The World eRally Historic Championship by WeRC will last 5 rallies (AUSTRALIA, SWEDEN, SPAIN, USA, WALES), with 12 stages each one. We have created 3 different modern cups: B, H and C. Every round will be opened for almost two weeks (00:00 Monday – 22:00 Sunday) which gives all drivers enough time to finish the event. Once the event has finished, the standings will be available in the club page and it will be published in the website of the WeRC. It is a multi-platform championship (PS4, PC and XB1).

The 12 stages are spread over a day with varying weather conditions, beginning with early morning stages and ending with night stages. There is also a Power Stage as 12th stage and it takes place always at rally-midday conditions. Each rally includes a shakedown to test your car settings.

A total number of 5 rallies of a unique competitive experience, only the results of 4 of them will be taken into account as driver’s choice. That is, the participant will discard the result of 1 rally.

Team Championship

The World eRally Historic Team Championship by WeRC allows the registration of official teams. Also, the organisation allows the entry of sponsors who want to have their name in a team created by the WeRC.

Team Requirements

The following articles are the requirements and rules to be followed by the teams that are registered in the championship:

Article T1 – The registered teams will have a minimum number of 1 driver, if they want to compete individually

Article T2 – The registered teams must have a maximum number of 6 drivers if they prefer to compete as a team.

Article T3 – The registered teams must have a maximum number of 3 drivers in each cup and all of them MUST choose the SAME car.

Article T4ONLY the first 2 drivers of a team in each rally will sum points for the World eRally Team Championship, the global team championship.

Article T4.1 – If a driver discards a result of a rally, the points scored by him for his team in that race will be subtracted in the classification, as we described in section 1.2.

What happens if a driver does not have a team?:

If a driver wants to compete in a team, the organisation, using the test events that will be carried out, will create teams of 3 drivers following an order from first to last place. Depending on the number of participants registered in the championship, the result of the test will define in which class each team will participate. Starting with the B cup the first driver classifies and following in decreasing order as Table 3, so we will have an equal number of participants within each cup. If a team does NOT want to compete individually or does not have enough registered drivers, it will be filled up to 3 drivers following the classification of the test with someone of the same level in that test, allocating drivers in each cup. The list of teams created and registered on our website will be published before the start of the championship. Of course, if a contestant does not want to belong to a created team, he is free to compete individually or to create his own team with his chosen drivers. They must contact to the WeRC through

(*This section does not apply to official teams because they will decide the cup they want to compete in *).

Championship Standings
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