General Information

***All this info can be find in the Rulebook of the championship.

This event will follow a similar format to the Race of Champions race held each year, where the best of the best face of against each other in multi-disciplined cars: Supercar, Crosskart, S1600.

WeROC cars presentation by Oscaro_Quinto:
R1 – Volkswagen Polo RallyCross
R2 – SpeedCar
Tiebreak – Renault Clio R.S. S1600

The event will be split in two halves, one half being held on PC and the other being held on PS4. Each of the platforms will have 8 participants. These participants will square off in a knockout-based tournament to decide who’s the Champion of Champions in the World eRacing Community.

In addition, a previous qualifying event will be held for the drivers who do not get their direct access and the winner will go to the RoC event.

Out of the 8 available participation slots, 7 will be filled by the WeRoC Organization. These spots will be handed to the best of the best, given they accept. The remaining slot will be up for grasp in a qualifying event similar to the WeRoC event.

** Setup IS NOT allowed.**

Track Limits

As a demonstration, a video will be presented showing the limits of the track that will be allowed. It will be mandatory to keep at least 2 wheels within the limits of the track at all times or you will be penalized as described in section 3.

WeRoC Championship: Limits of the track by Quentin Dall’Olmo (Oscaro_Quinto). Finalist of the Volkswagen R DiRT World Championship 2018

WeRoC Format

The RoC will consist of a single event in the circuit Hell – Norway – Full Circuit at Midday and Dry conditions. Three rounds will be played: Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final. In each round there will be at least Head-to-Head races. Each race will consist of 2 laps and with special conditions. The matchups will be determined by a random seeding method.

Each series will running in a Best of 3 format between 2 participants, which means that there will always be 2 or 3 races during every series. Each race will be run using a different car.

Since each race consists of only 2 laps, each participant must take 1 joker lap and 1 regular lap. Whoever starts on the left will take the joker lap on Lap 1, the other participating will take the joker lap on Lap 2, after that it’s a race to the finish where no severe contact such as pushing is allowed.

Whoever wins 2 out of 3 races will continue to the next round, unless the stewards decide that certain time penalties should be added on to a participant’s time for exceeding track limits or excessive contact.

Once a winner has been decided the participants are to leave the lobby so that the next participants can be invited into the lobby, and thus the next series can begin. This goes on until there is but only one participant left, who will then be crowned the WeRC Champions of Champions.

A tiebreaker will consist of another head-to-head race and will be used to determine a winner from among drivers tied at the end of a round.

Cars for WeRoC

Race Car class Car
Race 1 RX Supercars Volkswagen Polo RallyCross
Race 2 CrossKart Speedcar Xtrem
Tiebreak RX Super 1600s Renault Clio R.S. S1600