General Information

This event will follow a similar format to the Race of Champions race held each year, where the best of the best face of against each other in multi-disciplined cars: Supercar, Crosskart, S1600.

The event will be split in two halves, one half being held on PC and the other being held on PS4. Each of the platforms will have 8 participants. These participants will square off in a knockout-based tournament to decide who’s the Champion of Champions in the World eRacing Community.

In addition, a previous qualifying event will be held for the drivers who do not get their direct access and the winner will go to the RoC event.

Out of the 8 available participation slots, 7 will be filled by the WeRoC Organization. These spots will be handed to the best of the best, given they accept. The remaining slot will be up for grasp in a qualifying event similar to the WeRoC event.

** Personal setup IS NOT allowed. **

Event Starting Date/Time (GMT) Finish Date/Time (GMT)
Qualifying 02/02/2019 02/02/2019
WeRoC 09/02/2019 09/02/2019