This document contains all about the rules that will be applied to each driver of the World eRacing Community Championship. The regulation for any tournament created by the WeRC is intended to encourage the participation in all tournaments and that people are taking it serious. Our main goal is to enforce a good experience by all Pro, Intermediate and Amateur drivers. You are free to invite your colleagues to this championship!!

World eRally Championship – Rulebook

World eRally Championship – Rulebook – Appendix 1 – Test extended

World eRally Championship – Rulebook – Appendix 2 – Corner cutting rules & penalties

Sections of the rulebook:

1.   About the WeRC World eRally Championship

2.   WeRC World eRally Championship Driving Assists

3.   WeRC World eRally Championship: Standings

4.   WeRC World eRally Championship: Penalties

5.   WeRC World eRally Championship: Driver Protocol