Report: Argentina – III WERC Rally Championship

Argentina Rally.

Author: Azrademon

The rugged paths inspired by the mythical stage of “El Condor”, with their prominent rocks and ledges on both sides of the route, as well as their deep chasms that will not forgive the minimum mistake of the drivers, does welcome the participants of the III season of the world rally championship organized by WERC. A beautiful and unique semi-arid mountain landscape in the Sierras Pampeanas, where you can appreciate the conifers of the area, as well as carob trees and shrubs of “jarilla”, some of the endemic vegetation on this region. Likewise, architectural vestiges of ancient indigenous steps and bridges built with such aesthetics.

This time, the event has a record participation of 209 drivers from all around the world, divided into four categories: WERC 1 (with 21 drivers), 2 (42), 3 (77) and Junior (69). However, given the constant problems of Racenet servers connectivity issues, deepened by the massive gift of the game for PS4 users and the confinement situation resulting from COVID19’s pandemic, the event had to be canceled in first instance and postponed, coming to fruition between 20 and 27 April 2020. As is customary in this tough rally, the number of abandonments reached the 49 drivers, a comparatively high amount. However, the fastest ones maintained a steady and safe pace throughout the competition, as well as many of the participants had an excellent performance, with differences that rarely exceeded 4 minutes from the winner of each category.

The fight was very close among the competitors of the Junior division, where the top 7 of the qualifiers were placed in almost exactly 1 minute, with IBRA24MORENO closing in 5th place, Felillogonzalez (of the GRT Competition team) in 4th and finally the podium of the event: T.Makinen (#NoControl) in 3rd, just 31 seconds from the 1st, WERT_Antequera (WERT), 25 seconds in 2nd. The winner of the event was ELIAS_DEHN05, with a total time of 00:33:52.620, who also managed to keep the Power Stage (PS), with a very solid 00:06:26.370, followed closely by the other two members of the podium at just 0.620 and 0.310 seconds, respectively. The first 50 drivers of this division were racing aboard the Ford Fiesta R2, with the first Peugeot 208 R2 from Danny_Kart finishing on the 51st place and the Opel Adam R2 from Joel_Canary22 on 53rd as the best non-Ford participants.

Again, a final fought between the top 5 of 3rd division, who came to be in just 50 seconds. At 49,986 seconds from the winner we find RANDOMJMGUY (BBB Rally Team) in 5th place and 43,467 seconds in 4th place we have QAZRA. The podium consisted of RAJESHKANKAVLIKA, 3rd to 36.249 seconds from the tip, in 2nd place was BrothersChris at 33,414 seconds and the great winner of the test, WERT_VFX1NG (WERT) with a total time of 00:33:20.973. In turn, the members of the podium were the best ranked of the PS, while WERT_VFX1NG being the fastest of it with a total time of 00:06:15.656. The first 19 places were occupied by the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, with the first Subaru WRX STI finishing at 00.02:16.551 under RALMO’s driving.

In Division 2 we had a great performance of the top 10 drivers, all of them finishing within 1 minute. In 5th place we have A.ZETTERLUND, aboard his Mitsubishi Space Star R5, at 38,494 seconds from the leader; ending in 4th place on the controls of a Volkswagen Polo GTI R5, was DANKA48 (DRES), who made it at 38.262 seconds from the top. In podium’s 3rd was rainbow, behind the wheel of a Polo R5 at 36.127 seconds from the 1st, while in 2nd place was EVANWOOD (#FRITOSPORT), finishing at 28,065 seconds. The winner of the 2nd division was SPEEDSENSEI, driving a Ford Fiesta R5, with a great time of 00:32:25.675. This pilot managed to win the PS with a time of 00:06:09.025, closely followed by RAINBOW and YABBY.

The fight for victory in the 1st division was extremely close, with 11 drivers finishing under 1 minute from the top. In 5th place we have MONGOJON [VR], at 48.839 seconds from the leader, at the controls of a Ford Fiesta R5. The 4th place was for JONATHAN SCHAEFFER (WERT) in another Fiesta, at 47.502 seconds. Closing the podium, WERT_BABANA (WERT) ended in 3rd, at 46.118 seconds; while WERT_PEDROSILVA took 2nd place to 32,025 seconds, both driving the Ford Fiesta. Becoming unbeatable, in the first place of event’s general classification, with a time of 00:31:45.577 we have ERT_JAROD (Evolution Racing Team) behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Space Star R5. For the PS, Samir Assaf (SRS) was able to make a 00:06:01.289 as the best time, followed by Jarod and Jonathan Shaeffer.

The full event ranking can be checked at:
Standings and results

The next calendar test will take us back to northern Europe, over Finland’s fast roads.

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