Report: Finland – III WERC Rally Championship

Finland Rally.

Author: Azrademon

Welcome to the Lakeland, an aquatic labyrinth of lakes, islands, rivers and canals, where forests and ridges are interspersed. Large areas of forests abundant in conifers, such as fir trees and pines, where glacial formations such as drumlins, mounds of smooth slopes molded by the displacement of ice; and eskers, the product of deposits of fluvial-glacial material, can be seen in the middle of the forest. Many of the latter have been used as natural bridges for several tracks’ construction. And that is where most of the event takes place, offering smooth gravel roads that are among the fastest in the world. Drivers will never be prepared enough to face these high speeds with towering jumps -including that one in front of the famous Yellow House-, which will demand a maximum bravery and total commitment.

A total of 204 drivers have taken this rally departure, with a high dropout rate, reaching 36% in the Junior category, maybe product of the various obstacles that are often encountered after each jump, such as stones, trees and poles, which in many cases are not well detailed in the roadmap. Again we were able to see driver’s high level in the WERC championship, since usually the top 5 of each category ended in no more than 1 minute from the best time, with all the participants who managed to finish in each category in just 6 minutes from the winner.

In the Junior division we had DEEJPAX, aboard a Ford Fiesta R2 in 5th overall and TRD-PLUDOXI_ (TRD team) behind the wheel of a Peugeot 208 R2 in 4th place as the best non-Ford. The podium was composed entirely of the North American brand, with FELILLOGONZALEZ (GRT Competition) in the 3rd drawer, just 55,556 seconds from the tip. The fight for first place was absolutely closed, with T.Mäkinen (#NOCONTROL) just 2,393 seconds behind the winner, THEATAIGHER (DRI Team Italy), who had a total time of 00:42:51,542. The three best times of the Power Stage were divided among the members of the podium, with T.Mäkinen on top, with his 00:03:20.325, followed by THEATAIGHER and FELILLOGONZALEZ.

For WERC 3 we had a fairly close fight between the first 9 of the event, all under the command of a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, who ended up with a difference less than 2 minutes from the first place; with the Subaru WRX STI from IM-SANDER MOKS (Iron Mustangs II) as the best no-Lancer in 11th place. In the 5th location has finished RANDOM JDM GUY (BBB Rally Team) and in 4th place we had WERT_EVO09 (WERT Academy), a minute and a half from the top. The last step of the podium was taken by QAZRA just over a minute from the pointer, while in 2nd place was ZDENEK27 (BBB Rally Team) at 33 seconds. The winner of the category was ★WERT_VFX1NG★ (WERT Esports) with a solid time of 00:40:37.728. The top three of the PS were the first two overall in their respective positions, followed by FUSIONJOHN.

All the participants of the 2nd division had a great performance, getting the top 12 places to be in just 3 minutes from the tip. 5th place was occupied by NACHU_CAPO (Raposos Racing Team) in command of a Mitsubishi Space Star R5, while in 4th place we had SPEEDSENSEI, aboard a Ford Fiesta R5. The podium was composed of EVANWOOD-FRITOSPORT, behind the wheel of another Mitsubishi, in 3rd place; WCD_MISIX (WCD) has finished in 2nd, aboard a Ford, just 11 seconds from the winner, the Spaniard DRES_ADJ0 (DRES) who counted a total time of 00:40:18.210, driving a Volkswagen Polo GTI R5. The first three of the PS were Misix (00:03:10.509), followed by Adj0 and Nacho.

Finally, in the 1st division we had a strong fight between the top 5 of the general classification, who finished in just 44 seconds. In 5th place we have SAMIR ASSAF SRS (SRS) aboard a Volkswagen Polo, with WERT JONATHAN SCHAEFFER (WERT) in a Ford Fiesta as the 4th qualifier. The podium was integrated by WERT PEDRO SILVA (WERT) with his Ford Fiesta in 3rd place. Also, aboard a Ford in 2nd place, SFR_RALLIMOILANE (Scandi Flick Racing) was located. The best overall time was achieved by the winner of this division, the Romanian SDL ALEXANDRU. BOTOS (SDL eSports) stopping the watch at 00:39:38.666. The top 3 of the PS were Pedro Silva (00:03:09.225), followed by WERT_BABANA (WERT) and Jonathan Schaeffer.

The full event standings can be checked here:
Standings and results

Be prepared to the beautiful landscapes and fast roads of New England, USA, our next destination.

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