Report: GREECE – III WERC Rally Championship

Greece Rally.

Author: Azrademon

The most recent event of the WERC World Rally brings us on a tour to a historic place: the Argolide, Greece. Semi-arid landscapes dominate the territory, although you can see some pine forests that break with the yellows and ochres of gravel roads. This was the site of the first Greek people, the Mycenaean or Achaeans, as well as where the first Greek city (polis), Nafplio, were founded. You can also find various archaeological sites, such as the Treasure of Atreo, Tirinto, the Epidaurus Theatre, and the legendary city of Argos. The gravel roads where the event takes place can be very treacherous, with rock walls, rocky protrusions and chasms on the sides, which will not forgive the slightest mistake from the pilots, in addition to the excessive slippage of the loose and dry gravel.

Without further ado, let us go to the results.

In the junior division we had a total participation of 43 drivers, with 15 dropouts. As is customary in division R2, Ford’s dominance was crushing, occupying the top 26 positions. The best non-Ford to finish was boucle83’s Peugeot 208 just over 20 minutes from the winner. In the top 5 we have AGUSDOMINGUEZ7 (DMGZ Racing) at 00:02:38.597 of the first; in 4th we find DEEJPAX at 00:02:31.632. Closing the podium is HOVI961 at 00:01:24.574; in 2nd place WERT_ELIASDEHNI (WERT) ended at 00:01:24.574. In the first place of the test, with an extraordinary performance, BHS_MAKINEN TOMMI (Black Horse Simracing) has ended, with a total time of 00:40:13.836. In addition, he has been the fastest of the power stage with a time of 00:03:30.435, followed by WERT_ELIASDEHNI and DEEJPAX.

For the third division, we also observed the expected dominance of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, ranking in the top 20 positions, with the first Subaru WRX STI NR4 at the hands of RAUMO in 21st place, at 00:03:47.094 of the test leader. The fight for the top 5 was very closed, finishing them all in just 45 seconds. In 5th place we have ★WERT_VFX1NG★ (WERT) at 00:00:44.682, while in 4th place has finished RANDOM JDM GUY (BBB RALLY Team) at 00:00:44.172. Closing the podium we have FUSIONJOHN, at 00:00:33.528; in 2nd place QAZRA was located at 00:00:17.106 of the winner of the test, RE1PZ (WERT Academy II), with a total time of 00:39:06.435, who in turn has been left with the best time on the PS with 00:03:22.861, closely followed by FUSIONJOHN and QAZRA.

WERC 2 has had a formidable fight for the top 5, with WERT RUNE (WERT), aboard his Volkswagen Polo GTI R5, in 5th place at 00:01:01.618 of the top timer, while at the wheel of a Mitsubishi Space Star, YABBY has finished in 4th place, at 00:00:56.520. In the last step of the podium we have SPEEDSENSEI, in a Ford Fiesta, at 00.00:41.888; in 2nd we had DRES_ADJ0 (DRES) at the controls of a VW Polo, just 00:00:05,081 from the first place, JNCO89, who stopped the stopwatches at 00:38:08.632 on the steering wheel of a Mitsubishi Space Star. DRES_ADJ0 was left with the best time on the PS (00:03:18.182), followed by JNCO89 and SPEEDSENSEI.

Finally, in the Honor Division (WERC 1), there was a close fight between the top 5 of the general classification. Closing this top, we have MONGOJON [VR], in a Ford Fiesta, at 00:00:41.620 from the top, while in 4th we find SDL ALEXANDRU BOTOS (SDL eSports) behind the wheel of a VW Polo, at 00:00:29.528. In 3rd place, aboard his Ford Fiesta, WERT JONATHAN SCHAEFFER (WERT Esports I) has ended at just 00:00:14.499, while in 2nd he has finished SAMIR ASSAF SRS (SRS), behind the wheel of a VW Polo, at 00:00:10.578 from the winner of the test, WERT PEDRO SILVA (WERT Esports I), on the controls of a Ford Fiesta, who has timed a total of 00:37:38.123. Pedro has also claimed the best time on the PS (00:03:16.881), followed by WERT JONATHAN SCHAEFFER and MONGOJON [VR].

The full event standings can be checked here:
Standings and results

Get ready for the next test on the frozen asphalt, ice and snow of Monte Carlo.

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