Report: POLAND – III WERC Rally Championship

Rally of Poland.

Author: Azrademon

One of the world’s most iconic rallies does welcome riders from all latitudes. The Rally Poland, which is organized a few hours’ drive from the capital Warsaw, celebrates its 99th anniversary this year, having its first run in 1921. The landscapes of the Masuria Lake District are quite picturesque, with lakes, rivers, flower fields and wooded areas being frequent. There is a mix of natural reserves, Eco touristic attractions, such as kayaking, hiking, swimming, cycling… and rally. What a combination! Gravel roads with long straights and fast bends are common, but you must pay attention to the mixed tarmac, chicanes and narrow crossings between farms. These straights are of special care, as the trees on both sides of the road can shatter the hopes of victory – the car, too – at the minimum carelessness.

In the Junior category we had a participation of 38 pilots, of which only 15 have been able to finish – all aboard a Ford Fiesta R2 – without major setbacks. In Dirt Rally 2.0, Poland has one of the highest rates of terminal damage, especially for incidents in the long straights between forests, as mentioned above. The best not Ford was ADRIRVNTN’s Opel Adam R2 (Reventon Sport), ranked 19th. In 5th place we have DIASTOLICSAFE9, at 00:02:27.538 from the tip; while in 4th AGUSDOMINGUEZ7 (DMGZ Racing) was located, at 00:01:38.707. The podium was composed by [YTB] KIIDRO, at 00:01:33.228, in 3rd place; DEEJPAX in 2nd to 00:00:39.416 and the winner in the category, showing great consistency in the latest events, WERT_ELIASDEHNI (WERT Academy I) with a total time of 00:44:14.402. This pilot also kept the best time on PS, followed by DEEJPAX and DIASTOLICSAFE9.

For the 3rd division there was a large participation, with 54 drivers in total, of which 25 were in a time of 10 minutes from the winner. The first 15 qualifiers were aboard the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X, apart from RAUMO, in a Subaru WRX STI, which stood 8th at 00:02:59.477 of the leader. We have RAJESHKANKAVLIKA, at 00:02:10.113, in 5th place; FUSIONJOHN ended 4th, at 00:01:43.983. The last step of the podium was occupied by BROTHERSCHRIS, at 00:01:38.039; while in 2nd ★WERT_VFX1NG★ (WERT Esports) was located, at just 00.00:30.729 from the winner, WERT_RE1PZ (WERT Academy II), who has achieved an excellent total time of 00.41:32,992. For the PS, the overall leader was left with the best time, followed by FUSIONJOHN and RAUMO.
The second category had a total of 23 drivers, of which 7 were withdrawn. The first 5 were in just 43 seconds, showing the high level of the drivers that make up this division, once again. In 5th we have WCD_MISIX (WCD) at 00:00:43.303 from the leader, in a Ford Fiesta R5; and in 4th, on the controls of a Volkswagen Polo GTI R5, WERT RUNE (WERT Esports) at 00:00:33.463. In 3rd place SPEEDSENSEI has ended, behind the wheel of a Fiesta, at 00:00:28.921; in 2nd, at 00:00:16.857, DRES_ADJ0 (DRES), aboard a Polo, has been located. The victory in this division has been for JNCO89, at the controls of a Mitsubishi Space Star R5, with a total time of 00:40:54.827. He has also been able to keep the best time on the PS, followed by WERT RUNE and SPEEDSENSEI.

Finally, we have the elite of the championship: WERC I. 9 pilots took the start this time, with just one retirement. 5th place has been for SFR_RALLIMOILANE (Skandi Flick Racing), at 00:01:14.070, while in 4th place we have MONGOJON [VR], at 00:00:47.253 from the leader, both in a Fiesta. The podium of the event was made up of SAMIR ASSAF SRS (SRS) in 3rd place, just at 00:00:16.516, aboard a Polo. The fight for victory among WERT teammates, both in Fiesta, was intense: WERT JONATHAN SCHAEFFER has finished 2nd, just mere 1,724 seconds behind the big winner of the event, WERT PEDRO SILVA, who stopped the watches at 00:40:27,936. The best PS times were achieved by podium members, in their respective order.

The full event standings can be checked here:
Standings and results

Attention, ladies and gentlemen, to the next event: vineyards and smooth asphalt in Centenera, Spain.

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